A pair of tires needed. 215/60R17

The tire aspect ratio can be a little different (eg. 55 or 65) if the first and the third number are the same.

Email: Fanjie.Xiao.GR@dartmouth.edu

Snow tires

Michelin X-ice 185/65R15 set of four snow tires, with at least 1-2 seasons of life in them. These are top quality tires in good condition.

$100 or best offer.

Contact pcjenkins@mac.com

Winter/Snow tires set of four

Hankook W419 snow tires 205/65R15. In great shape. $320 for all four, $380 new.



Volvo snow tires on rims

Four Cooper weathermaster S/T2 studded snow tires on premium Volvo rims. Size is 195/60R15. Much tread left. In great condition. $200, price negotiable. Contact stevensonm88@gmail.com20160829_20114420160829_201204