SUBLEASING APARTMENT A at 25.5 WEST WHEELOCK STREET- The apartment with closest proximity to Thayer School and the Green

25.5-WW-Apt-A-FloorPlan-4.jpg 25.5-WW-Apt-A-Pic-4-3.jpg 25.5-WW-Apt-A-Pic-3-2.jpg 25.5-WW-Apt-A-Pic-2-1.jpg 25.5-WW-Apt-A-Pic-1-0.jpg

Hello Friends!

Tired of finding housing miles away from college? Is all the travelling rendering you tired and broke? We have the perfect solution to your logistics dilemma.

Do you want an apartment that is just at a walking distance (2 mins) from Thayer and 6 mins away from the Green?

If you answered positively to the above questions then you are reading the right post. We are looking to sublease Apartment A at 25.5 West Wheelock Street.

  • Duration of Sublease: August 1, 2019 to August 31, 2019
  • Layout of Apartment: 2 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom
  • Rent Requested: 1550$ for one month for entire apartment (The rent is negotiable depending on how long you want to rent)
  • USPs of the place:
  1. Close proximity to Dartmouth College
  2. Utilities such as heating, hot water, trash removal, recycling services etc included in the rent.
  3. Fridge and stove provided.
  4. Washer/Dryer in basement.
  5. Completely safe and authentic since the apartment is owned by Dartmouth Rentals.

I have attached the pictures of the apartment and the floor plan for ready reference.

If interested, kindly reach out to the following:

Email ID- [email protected]/[email protected] 

Mobile Number- +91 9840713693

Email ID- [email protected]/[email protected] 

Mobile Number-+91 9840740343

Email ID- [email protected]/[email protected]

Mobile Number- +91 9833308226

Thank you and we look forward to hosting you.