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I’m selling my computer of less than 1 year. Nothing wrong with it. I’m selling it because I started building computers a few years ago and now I like to own the latest technology available but as I said before, the computer is a little less than 1 year old. The computer runs extremely smooth even with multiple software running on 3 different screens. It is overall a great computer, boots up very quickly and will make you very happy. Runs graphics-intensive games very close to maximum graphics settings without any changes in performance. The current graphics card had the VR ready mark on the box but I’ve never tried running VR games on this computer (or any other).



Motherboard Gigabyte LGA 1151

Intel Core i3-7100 7th Gen, 3.90 GHz

8 gb DDR4 2400 MT/s RAM

Solid state drive (128 gb) + 3 TB hard drive

500W power supply with available ports in case you want to add extra components.

Thermaltake case

5 fans that keep the computer running (very) cool regardless of the workload.

GTX 1060 3gb Gaming graphics card*** (I use this card to plug in 3 monitors at the same time. If you are not interested in this card, and you plan on using only 1 monitor, I’m happy to keep this card and give you a $180 dlls discount).

Windows 10 original license.


The price is for the computer itself (no monitor, mouse and keyboard. Mouse and keyboard you can buy for $20 or less online)


Asking price is $600 OBO. You can also buy it without the graphics card for $420 OBO (Read my statement about the graphics card above).

Just look at computers with inferior parts selling for a higher price. For example:

For $800!!! – (SkyTech Oracle – Gaming Computer PC Desktop – AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz, 120GB SSD, GTX 1050 TI 4GB, 1TB HDD, 16GB DDR3, 970 Chipset Motherboard, Windows 10 Home (GTX 1050 TI | FX-6300 | 16GB). – $800!!!!!!

Computers of comparable performance sell for a lot more than $600.

For more info text/call: 9(one)5 – 309-3923


Thanks for reading!


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