This is one of the most fun boats you will ever paddle. It comes with the paddle and custom foam hip pads that can be pulled out or simply reshaped. I bought this boat for $450, 7 months ago and it has not seen any even remotely hard use (creeky paddling, or low volume hull hits) in or before that time. It’s awesome for beginners (it was my first boat) but won’t disappoint the more experienced paddler either. It’s rare to find a boat as stable as this one that is still incredibly fast and super maneuverable. It squirts and slices like a dream! I, unfortunately, have to part ways with my beloved infrared in order to afford a new playboat but if I wasn’t such a poor college student id hang on to this boat. Asking $300 o.b.o.

Call or text me at 603-359-7838 for more details

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