Evaporative Humidifier Kenmore 3.9 Gallon Capacity – $45

Evaporative Humidifier Kenmore 3.9 Gallon Capacity – $45

Very lightly used new, comes in original box.

The Kenmore Humidifier has an output of up to 10 gallons of water during a 24 hour period. Moisture is added to your environment when the humidifier forces air through the hydrated wick filter.

If you live in a dry area and suffer from a parched throat, dry skin, or just want a little moisture in the air, this Kenmore Humidifier is for you. Many use humidifiers as a natural way to relieve their common cold.

  • Easy to fillbottle design
  • 3 speeds(whisper-quiet low speed, mediu, high or auto)
  • Covers up to 3,700 sq. ft.in tight construction
  • Holds up 3.9 gallons of water
  • Automatic shut-offwhen bottles are empty
  • Comes with Kenmore Wick Filter which is treated and mold/mildew resistant
  • Four swivel castersfor easy positioning

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