2 x Adult 1-day ski snowboard lift ticket pass Killington / Pico


We have 2 x Adult 1-day lift tickets passes for Killington / Pico. The passes are valid until January 11 2019 (into NEXT season), and redeemable at any ticket point of sale.

We had passes for Xmas period, but didn’t use them due to a sick member of our group, so the office issued us Guest Service Vouchers for One Adult One-Day lift tickets.  I have written confirmation from Killington resort that these can be used by someone other than who they were issued to.

Asking $70 each.

Email [email protected]


Computer monitor

Hello, I am looking for a 2nd monitor to use whilst working, preferably equal or better than 1680 x 1050 in resolution, HDMI connectivity, ideally rotates from landscape to portrait. Thanks.