Space Medicine Lab Noise Study

A research study team is recruiting volunteers for hearing tests.

Sessions will involve collecting hearing data on people who are planning to attend a concert or other loud event.


If you participate in this study, it will require up to 10 hours of your time, spent over the course of 7 visits. The first visit will be a screening visit to determine if you are eligible to be in this study. Three test sessions will be conducted prior to the concert and three test sessions will be conducted after the concert.


You will be compensated for your time.


contact [email protected]

Please write that you are interested in the HEARING study, as well as the location and date of your planned event.


noise flyer


Grill cover, wreath, hose holder, cabinet/storage bench, (shovels are taken)

cabinet could be converted to nice entryway bench, if you’re in the pinteresty mood.

all free. [email protected] or 802-299-imageo172


(snow shovel and tarp taken)

Hanover home (weekend, short-term rentals)

Available for graduation, reunion weekends, or weekend getaways.

Located in downtown Hanover.

  • Three bedrooms
  • 1.5 bathrooms
  • Large yard, hammock, fenced-in patio, front porch – all great for relaxing outside!

$1100/night. email riekec at g-mail for details.