Moving Sale 2

I live in sachem village and is moving soon. Here are a few things that you can pick them anytime before Jan 18th.

My contact is: jilai DOT chou AT gmail DOT com (please change DOT and AT)

  1. (SOLD) 21 new cans of ATP tennis balls (unopened) + a basket of used balls (all good) $60 including the basket. (see pics)
  2. (SOLD)Wood dinning table with 4 chairs. They have very beautiful carve. $80 for all. (see pics)
  3. (SOLD)IKEA chair $35. It’s very comfortable. The best selling in IKEA. I purchased two years ago. (
  4. Two fans $5 for large (SOLD)  and $3 for small one (see pics)
  5. (SOLD)Humidifier $5  (
  6. wood Chair (see pic) $15
  7. (SOLD) very powerful vacuum (pick it only on Jan 18th) (see pic) $50 (original price is $250)
  8. (SOLD) portable vacuum ($5
  9. (SOLD) GE microwave $10 (pick after Jan 15th)
  10. (SOLD) ZOJIRUSHI rice cooker (for 3 cup of rice) $10 (pick after Jan 15th)
  11. (SOLD) bar chair $10 for three.