Women’s clothing (S-L, 6-12), shoes (9), and accessories

LOTS of awesome NWT, EUC, and GUC clothing! I’ve made a Google doc for ease of use. In general, my prices are as follows (unless it’s a pricier brand):

Formal dresses: $35
Casual dresses: $10
Sweaters: $10
Shirts: $3-15
Accessories: $5-15
Skirts: $10-15
Shoes: $10-20

https://docs.google.com/document/d/13UYzezDG52luyJgjvkLW0L4bw- -n5H8-C-TbzMjRa7s/edit

(Note: remove the space between the two dashes after 4bw in the url…for some reason the post keeps making it a long dash instead of two and the link won’t work)

I’ve got stock photos of some items, followed by front/back/close up pics, and pictures of me wearing them so you can see how they look on. If you’re interested in anything, email me at [email protected]

google doc screen cap