1 room, $360 in old Sachem, August 1st (negotiable)


Looking for a roommate for a 3 bedroom in Old Sachem. The room available is small sized room (priced accordingly) in the floor plan provided here. Must be Dartmouth affiliated (property manager requirement). These homes are duplexes, around 750 sqft each, and bare bones, so you get what you pay for, but you won’t beat the rate. 


Google “Sachem Village, Lebanon, NH”. Pretty ideal cost/distance combination for Dartmouth people given the local market. Access to campus via periodic shuttle service or bus. 40 minute walk, 15 minute bike ride, 15 minute drive. Same distance for groceries (google “hanover co-op”). The medical campus is not especially easy to access by bike, and slightly further by car (there are direct paths you can walk, but you have to go a longer way on wheels). That said the medical campus is isolated and probably just as convenient to reach from here as from anywhere. Med students seem to live here without complaints. The upper valley is not a walkable community, and public transit isn’t great. As a student in Old Sachem a car isn’t necessary, but at least a bike you enjoy riding that has wide tires (35-50mm) is a good idea if you’re carless.

Sachem is the (primarily, but not exclusively) graduate student housing community in West Lebanon, but practically speaking it’s more Hanover than West Leb (the main part of west leb is a couple miles down the road, while Hanover is basically next door). Old Sachem and Sachem are attached. There’s a large forested area right next door with a good trail system, providing opportunities for hiking, trail running and mountain biking just out the back door, which is a pretty sweet perk. There’s enough quality terrain for a competitive athlete to get suitable training in, if you’re into that sort of thing. 



Reasonably priced coin/card operated washer in complex (not in unit), central air, driveway fits two cars which are currently spoken for, but a third could be parallel parked in front potentially. Large yard space. I’m using up about 1/3rd of the storage space, and access it on a regular basis. Should be plenty of room for additional stuff you might be using (see photos), but not the place to be storing stuff like unused furniture. That said there is room for more furnishings in the living room, so if you have stuff you’d like to contribute to the common space, it could be put to use, or not. Happy to furnish the rest myself after everything else is figured out. Living in the complex also gives you access to the community center, which offers some additional study/meeting rooms and a party room.



You pay share of internet, gas (heating) and electric bill. Utilities over the last 9 months have averaged $231 per month (77/prsn), ranging form $107 to $412. I believe pets are allowed with a $50 fee or something like that. I would want to double check cost, but for my part I am quite happy as a dog uncle. No cats due to allergies. Property manager is Dartmouth, and repairs are prompt and service is profesional.



For my part I’m a 31yo, male PhD student in the psychology and brain sciences program. Minnesota raised, and came to Dartmouth via Chicago, Boston, and Colorado. I use this space to work, eat and sleep, but socialize elsewhere mainly. Don’t want the place to be a sty but not a clean freak either. Usually up around 9, and in bed around midnight or possibly a bit later. Not like I make a racket either way. For fun I mainly climb and ski, if you’re familiar with the type.

The other roommate is a similar boat, a Neuroscience PhD student at Johns Hopkins technically, but due to an advisor move she’s finishing her PhD from Dartmouth now.

Previous roommates were a post doc in the history department and an MBA student. Both of them kept second homes out of town where their partners lived, and I travel for leisure a fair bit, which tells you something about how affordable this place is. 


If interested we’re happy to show you the place (bring a facemask though, and don’t be offended if we don’t shake your hand), or I can send you a video walkthrough of the unit. Not going to be too picky on roommate selection, because this process is enough of a pain as is, but would like to video conference to meet one another too ahead of time all the same. Looking for year long tenants only not subleasing.

Feel free to contact me at

bogpetre at gmail

living room

living room/entry way



Small bedroom1


small bedroom3


entry closet/common storage space


this floor plan is mostly accurate with the following exceptions: The large bedroom door opens into the hallway, right next to the mid bedroom doorway. It does not open to the living room as pictured here. Also the wall partitioning the living room for the kitchen and hallway actually extends further, past the level of the fridge in this picture. You can see this in the photos above. The dimensions are accurate though.