Room in Sachem $375/mo, 8/3-6/30, bikable to campus, walkable to DCMC.

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$375/month, 8/3/19-6/30/20, 704sq ft. Would be living with two male roommates.

Looking for a graduate/professional school student, post doc or young professional looking to split a 3br apartment. Yours would be the medium sized bedroom (see floor plan below). Utilities would be split evenly among occupants, which for these units average ~$150/month when fully occupied.

For my part I’m a 30 year old male PhD student transfering from a different school and this will be my first year at Dartmouth. I’m outdoorsy and active (mainly climbing and skiing), mostly socialize outside the house, am neither a slob nor too fastiduous about keeping things tidy, but do like things clean (no festering dishes in the sink, no overflowing trash, etc). If I’m home, I’m probably working. Don’t drink heavily, don’t smoke, don’t care if you do, just keep it infrequent or otherwise take it to the backyard.

The other roommate is an assistant professor at California State University (history), who is doing a fellowship at Dartmouth. Also non-smoking, non-partying, settled down type. Will be traveling between the coasts periodically (retaining a separate residence in Sacramento). So basically, both of us will be imposing fairly low demands on our living space, and primarily be using it to rest, cook, work, etc. rather than hosting social gatherings, staying up all night watching TV/blasting video games in the living room or any of those kinds of shenanigans.

Preference would be for an easygoing male roommate. As far as management is concerned pets are allowed for $50 extra/month, so if you have a pet, feel free to reach out and we can discuss it.

Photos are below, but windows and outside doors will be getting updated with modern replacements over the summer, which should improve insulation and reduce the utility bill from the estimates I’ve given.

If interested, hit me up. bogpetre at gmai1 d0t com

I’ve just signed the lease after having inspected the unit, but I am no longer in town to show you around (back 8/1/19). I can potentially arrange viewings through the property manager though, and would be meeting potential roommates via skype.