2017 Toyota Rav4 LE AWD Lease Transfer

I’m currently leasing a 2017 Toyota Rav4 LE for $372.40/mo with excessive wear & tear coverage and a couple other relevant packages for damage prevention. Original contract was 36 months and it has now 29 months of contract left with 3900 miles. Annual mileage allowance is 12,000 mi/year.

I will be willing to contribute first 6 months of the monthly payment (cash upfront). You will then be paying about $295.50/mo. Please email or call/text me if you’re interested in this lease transfer. We can arrange a time for you to see the car.

Email: eldred(dot)lee(dot)[email protected](dot)edu

Phone: 4138544719

You can see more photos and info about the car here: http://www.swapalease.com/lease/details/2017-Toyota-RAV4.aspx?salid=1207482