Acoustic guitar for sale

In great condition.

75$ or best offer!

If interested email: [email protected]

Move out from Sachem sale 2.0

Table set with four chairs: 35$

Twin bed frame: 50$ or best offer

Drawer: 5$

Willing to take the negotiate on all these.


If interested, email: [email protected]

Available for pick up anytime.

Move out sale from Sachem


15$ for the chair

10$ for the book case

35$ for the PS3 (Comes with joysticks, and a bunch of games)

15$ for the futon

25$ for the desk

45$ for the 22″ screen on the desk

400$ for the bike

Willing to take the best offers on all items, except the bike, which is as low as I’m willing to go.

If interested in any or all of these gems, e-mail: [email protected]

FREE TV~!!! Really big, a bit heavy, and in need of some fixing. Asking for a can opener, if you feel like it, b/c I can really use one, but no worries if you don’t have one laying around.

Former residents left this TV, which doesn’t work, but if you’re the type to fiddle around electronics and get it fixed, or have a professional get it fixed, or just want a TV hanging out in your living room, then look no further. Please take it, and for a price, a can opener would be great! If not, three dollars in quarters for laundry would also be great. But, the important thing is for you to have this TV, that would be payment enough.

E-mail: [email protected]



Working microwave for 9.99$

I’ve got a microwave I’m trying to get rid off. Only 10$, everything works fine. Pick up at Sachem Village – will give you details if interested. E-mail: [email protected]


All the best,


Subwoofer for cheap _ 75$ _ Price is negotiable.

20160808_082118I got a subwoofer that I’m willing to let go for cheap. Price is negotiable. E-mail me if you’re interested. [email protected] Also, I do not have the wires for it. However, it’s in a great condition.


All the best,